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Bonuses and promotions - Find out about our special offers and promotions. Invest profitably and trade on the best conditions.
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Protected investments
- Get 10% guaranteed.
- Up to 22% per annum in USD/EUR.
- When the dollar exchange rate increases by 10% or more > + 12% to revenue.
- 100% capital protection.
- Investment from 3 months.

Promo details
Risk-free profit on NEWS-TRADING
A successful trader always relies on reliable information from sources that can be trusted. This makes a profit, turning it into Finance! There are always circumstances in the world that you can earn money from. Many opportunities surround everyone everywhere, and trading is no exception.

However, changes are often so rapid that it is difficult to keep up with them. The situation is heating up, and rates are rising, which means only one thing-increasing the risks of your trade.

We respect justified speculation and are ready to support You! 100% risk insurance will provide a wider scope for action, because You do not have to experiment at your own expense!

Terms of the promotion:

• Insurance covers deposits from $500 to $5,000 (for new customers).

• From $5,000 to $20,000 (for existing customers).

• The insurance is valid for all transactions opened on the news day from 00: 01 GMT to 00: 00 GMT and is valid for a promotion that is announced by the company in advance.

• The insurance covers clients who have confirmed their participation in advance.

• Insurance is credited in the amount of the total amount of losses calculated based on the total of all transactions opened on the news day, but not exceeding 100% of the insured amount.

• Refund of funds to the Deposit within the promotion is equal to the bonus.

• Bonuses are credited after receiving all required documents confirming the client's identity.

• Endless Horizons reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time.
Promo details
Bring a friend
What is the company Endless Horizons today? This is one of the leaders of the investment and speculative trading market! The broker offers a wide range of tools to work with, including currencies, indices, raw materials, and so on. Thanks to this variety and constant expert support from Endless Horizons, traders are able to work with maximum efficiency.

Our company actively supports referral relationships! Bring a friend and Endless Horizons will provide you with a cash bonus! It is profitable to invest together with us. In addition, under the program "Bring a friend" we guarantee the security of your investments and a full package of options that will help you multiply them!

If your friend registers and makes a Deposit, you will receive 10% of the amount of each transfer of funds.

On deposits a fixed bonus of $ 1,500 is valid from $ 20,000.

Terms of the "Together is more profitable" promotion:

• A friend brought to the broker must be a new client of Endless Horizons If they already have an account on the platform, even under a different name, they will not be able to participate in the promotion.

• You will receive a gift if the attracted client makes a Deposit of $500 or more.

• Endless Horizons may suspend, modify, or terminate this promotion at any time.

• Endless Horizons broker has the right to cancel the bonus unilaterally if it finds that fictitious clients have been attracted.

• The cash gift will become yours when the attracted client makes a Deposit and passes accreditation by the Finance Department.

• If your friend already trades through Endless Horizons, you will not receive a cash bonus.

• You will be able to withdraw gift funds when the attracted client completes a certain number of transactions.

• The bonus for a attracted friend cannot be combined with other Endless Horizons gifts.

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